Working From Hon


It's 2023 and you can (despite what your horrible boss says) work from anywhere you feel productive. Get this candle to let people know when you're working so they don't disturb you. 

Embrace the new normal of remote work with our hilariously relatable candle, "Working From Hon." This candle is the perfect companion for those days when your home office feels more like a comedy club than a workspace.

Crafted with a touch of humor, our candle features premium soybean wax that burns bright and emits a scent of productivity (or maybe just a hint of procrastination). As you light it up, let the aromatic fragrance fill the room, creating an atmosphere that makes you feel like you're actually getting things done (even if you're binge-watching your favorite TV show).

Housed in a 240 ml jar, our candle comes with a lid that doubles as a mini whiteboard for jotting down your brilliant (or not-so-brilliant) ideas. Plus, it's the perfect size for a mini dance party when you need a break from your Zoom meetings.

But wait, there's more! Our "Working From Hon" candle comes with a built-in laugh track. Simply press the button on the lid, and you'll be serenaded with hilarious work-related jokes and memes that will make even the most mundane tasks feel like a comedy show.

Please note: This candle is not responsible for any sudden bursts of laughter during important conference calls. Use at your own risk!

So, whether you're working from hon, battling with your Wi-Fi connection, or attempting to stay focused amidst the chaos of home life, let our "Working From Hon" candle be your ultimate work buddy. It's here to bring a smile to your face, keep you entertained, and remind you that you're not alone in the hilarious world of remote work.