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    بالعربي Collection

    Iqos Funny Candle

    Ahla Min Ri7et El Iqos


    W Iza Emet W L2eeto?


    Favorite daughter Edge Candle Studio
    Favorite daughter candle

    Binti L Moufaddale


    Mother's day gift candle
    best mum gift

    Ahla Mama Bl Dene


    Birthday Candles
    local_offer Save $22.01

    3eed Min Lyom?

    $17.99  $40.00

    betwannis been Edge Candle Studio

    Batwannes Beek


    You Age Like Fine Wine El Sahra Lyom?


    watch_later Sold Out

    Ta3a Ninsa ElHawalayna


    Lyom 3eede


    Beirut Edge Candle Studio



    Working From Hon


    Funny Edge Candle Studio

    Bala Love W Dawaran


    Ibni El Moufaddal


    Bala Wala Shi Edge Candle Studio

    Bala Wala Shi


    Hamra  Edge Candle Studio



     badaro, Gemmayze, Mar Mikhael  Edge Candle Studio

    Badaro Gemmayze Mar Mkhayel



    Our candles are all made of Premium Soybean wax, free of chemicals, paraben and phthalate.

    60-80 BURN TIME

    Handpoured and containing no additives, our candles are guaranteed to last a long time.


    UAE (Next day Delivery)

    Lebanon (2-4 business Days) Cash on Delivery


    Our team is always ready to help