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Talk 30 to me

Talk 30 to me

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Get ready to embrace the hilariously dirty side of turning 30 with our cheeky and playful candle, "Talk Thirty To Me." Inspired by the infamous "Talk Dirty to Me" song, this candle is the perfect gift to celebrate reaching the fabulously naughty age of 30.

Crafted with a mischievous twist, our candle features premium soybean wax that burns clean, but don't let that fool you—this candle knows how to get down and dirty. As you light it up, let the scent fill the air and set the stage for some scandalously fun moments. It's time to embrace the dirt and let loose!

Housed in a stylish 240 ml glass jar, our candle exudes sophistication with a hint of naughtiness. The lid can be reused once the candle has served its purpose, making it a lasting reminder of the wild adventures and memories created during the dirty thirties.

Whether you're gifting this candle to a friend, sibling, or partner, "Talk 30 to Me" is guaranteed to bring a smile and a few mischievous laughs. It's the perfect way to celebrate the fun and exciting side of this milestone age. Just remember, with great dirty thirty power comes great responsibility!

So, get ready to talk dirty, dance wildly, and embrace the naughty side of turning 30. Light up our Dirty Thirty Talk candle, and let the laughter and good times begin. After all, life begins at 30, and it's time to celebrate in the most scandalously delightful way possible!

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