Stay Positive


Introducing Edge Candle Studio's "Stay Eejabi" Candle – a beacon of positivity and luminance for every space. In a world filled with daily challenges, sometimes a simple reminder to remain positive can make all the difference. "Eejabi", meaning positive, is not just a word but an ethos we passionately embed in our creations.

At Edge Candle Studio, we believe in the power of ambiance. With our "Stay Eejabi" candle, we've crafted an experience from the finest soybean wax. As it lights up, its gentle aroma fills the room, reminding you of the brighter side of life, encouraging an eejabi outlook. Our commitment to purity is unwavering; hence every candle ensures a toxic-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free burning experience.

The "Stay Eejabi" candle by Edge Candle Studio is encased in a sophisticated 240 ml glass jar, symbolizing the clarity and brightness of a positive mindset. The fitted lid ensures that the essence of positivity is preserved between uses. As the last flicker fades, the jar stands ready to be repurposed, perhaps as a vessel for other eejabi memories and trinkets.

Safety and positivity go hand in hand at Edge Candle Studio. Ensure that this beacon is placed away from drafts, wandering pets, or inquisitive little ones. Such precautions make sure that the eejabi vibe is ever radiant and never disrupted.

Bring home the luminance of optimism with the "Stay Eejabi" candle from Edge Candle Studio. It's more than just a light; it's a philosophy, a commitment to seeing the silver lining, and an embodiment of eejabi – the positive spirit in us all.