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Merci 3a K(L.L). Shi

Merci 3a K(L.L). Shi

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Express your heartfelt appreciation to your dad with our unique and humorous candle, "Merci 3a K(L.L). Shi." This candle serves as a token of gratitude, thanking your dad for everything he has done and reminding him that your love for him is growing just like the ever-inflating Lebanese lira currency!

Crafted with care, our candle is made from premium soybean wax, ensuring a clean and environmentally friendly burn. Its delightful scent fills the air, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that perfectly complements your heartfelt thanks.

Housed in a 240 ml amber glass jar, our candle adds a touch of elegance and humor to any space. The metallic lid can be repurposed once the candle is finished, serving as a quirky reminder of your appreciation and the amusing connection to the Lebanese lira.

As you present this candle to your dad, it symbolizes your gratitude for his love and support, accompanied by a lighthearted nod to the current state of the Lebanese lira. It's a playful way to show your dad that your love for him is ever-growing, just like the fluctuations of the currency!

Please remember to keep the candle in a safe place and never leave it unattended. Place it on a heat-resistant surface away from flammable materials and ensure it is out of reach of children and pets, prioritizing safety at all times.

Present our "Merci 3a K(L.L). Shi" candle to your dad and let its humorous touch add an extra smile to his face. Express your heartfelt appreciation and bring a moment of laughter and connection between you and your dad.

Thank you for choosing our candle as a meaningful and funny gift, and may it bring joy, laughter, and appreciation to your dad's heart as he receives this heartfelt and playful gesture.

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