I Am The Company


"I AM THE COMPANY" - a phrase that embodies the spirit of empowerment, dedication, and ownership. Inspired by the famous line from the iconic 'Dubai Bling' show, our candle celebrates the incredible individuals who contribute their passion and talent to make our company shine.

Crafted with care and precision, our candle features premium soybean wax that burns clean and releases a captivating fragrance. Encased in a sleek and stylish 240 ml amber glass jar, it exudes sophistication and elegance. The metallic lid adds a touch of luxury and can be reused once the candle has fulfilled its purpose.

Light up this candle and let its radiant glow ignite your motivation and drive. Its enchanting scent will inspire creativity, perseverance, and a sense of belonging. Whether you're a dedicated team member, an ambitious entrepreneur, or an aspiring leader, our candle serves as a symbol of unity, collaboration, and the remarkable impact that each individual can make.

Be proud to say "I AM THE COMPANY" and embrace the unique role you play in shaping our success. Together, we create a harmonious and thriving work environment that fosters innovation, growth, and shared achievements.

Celebrate the power of teamwork, individual contributions, and the extraordinary collective spirit. Our "I AM THE COMPANY" candle serves as a reminder of your exceptional value and the remarkable things we can achieve when we come together.

So, ignite your passion, light up our candle, and let its radiant glow inspire you to shine bright and make a lasting impact.