Fadet Your Eyes


Introducing Edge Candle Studio's "Fadet Your Eyes" Candle – an embodiment of the deep-seated Arabic term of endearment that translates to "I would sacrifice for your eyes." A phrase that encapsulates selflessness, deep affection, and an unwavering commitment to a loved one.

At Edge Candle Studio, we're not just crafting candles; we're capturing emotions and traditions. The "Fadet Your Eyes" candle is a fragrant tribute to the profound bonds and timeless sentiments shared in Emirati and wider Arabic cultures. Each lighting is a reminder of promises made and the lengths one would go to for those they hold dear. Crafted with the finest soybean wax, this candle promises a scent as heartfelt and enduring as its namesake. And, adhering to our commitment, it assures a burn that's toxic-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free.

The "Fadet Your Eyes" candle from Edge Candle Studio comes beautifully encased in a 240 ml glass jar, reflecting the clarity and depth of the sentiment it represents. The lid, crafted with precision, ensures the cherished aroma is preserved between moments of reflection. Once its flame dims, the jar can be repurposed, perhaps to safeguard memories as deep as the sentiment it once held.

Safety remains at the heart of Edge Candle Studio creations. As this candle fills your spaces with warmth and devotion, ensure it's placed away from drafts and out of reach from children or pets. This ensures the serene ambiance remains unbroken and continually inviting.

Embrace a world of deep-rooted love, devotion, and selfless promises with the "Fadet Your Eyes" candle by Edge Candle Studio. It's more than just an aromatic experience; it's a gentle whisper of timeless affection and a nod to traditions that bind hearts across generations.