Don't Forget to Flush


Unveiling Edge Candle Studio's cheekiest creation yet – the "Don't Forget to Flush" Candle. For those moments when a gentle, aromatic reminder is needed, or simply when you want to lighten the mood in the most frequented room of the house.

At Edge Candle Studio, we blend humor with craftsmanship. The "Don't Forget to Flush" candle is not just a playful nudge but also a testament to our dedication to quality. Made with premium soybean wax, its scent is refreshingly clean – perfect for the bathroom setting. As always, we prioritize your well-being; our candles promise a toxic-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free experience, ensuring that you can breathe easy and laugh heartily.

Housed in a crisp 240 ml glass jar, this whimsical creation from Edge Candle Studio adds a touch of levity and style to your restroom decor. The snug lid ensures the freshness of the scent lingers long after the flame is out. And once the wax has dwindled, the jar can be repurposed, perhaps as a holder for those essential bathroom reads.

Safety, even in jest, is crucial at Edge Candle Studio. While enjoying the chuckles and the delightful aroma, ensure the candle is kept away from flammable materials, curious pets, or little ones. A moment of care ensures the laughter and ambiance continue uninterrupted.

Elevate your bathroom ambiance with a blend of wit and luxury. The "Don't Forget to Flush" candle from Edge Candle Studio is more than a source of light; it's a conversation starter, a reminder, and a declaration of our love for humor and quality combined. After all, why shouldn't every room in the house reflect a bit of your personality?